Aire portu berri batera iritxi kayaka motxila gixan.

Horrela hasten dira nik maite ditudan bidaiak.

Arriving to a new airport with my kayak as a backpack.

This is the beginning of the travels i love.

Monday, February 6, 2012

From the Futaleufu to Mendoza

 Before to go to the Rio Baker the idea for allot of kayakers is to paddle some time in the Futaleufu to get used to the big water.
El canyon del Infierno, The Hell canyon is the perfect section followed by the Terminator.
After a week Aniol, Jean, Netta and me left Futaleufu with the dream of going to the Rio Baker.
To bad for us that we broke the car in Coyhaique, half way to the Baker.
The rio Baker is in a big project for dam, so if you want to know this river, do it fast.
This season I could not  paddle it, but I will come bak, the Baker is one of my favorite rivers.

                                          Marcos Gallegos in Trono

Jean in Dinamita

My self in Entrada

                                          Aniol in Dinamita

                                           Cobra style

                                         Aniol in La Z

My self in Trono

                                           Marcos in La Z

                                           Jean in La Z
Fotos by my self and Jean

10 days in Coyhaique with out kayaking and with using all my money, I decide to go to work.
Rio Mendoza in Argentina is the perfect place to work in kayak/rafting.
I been in Portrerillos many times and I have friends there and they are like brothers.
I could paddle The Upper Mendoza and The Rio Diamante.
The Rio Diamante with the company of my friend Mario, Portrerillos Explorer.
We take some movies in the river and I edited it with Netta, it´s a very good rafting movie with some kayak aswell.
Take a look, Rio Diamante is for sure the place were you want to be when you go to Argentina.

                                           Los compadres con la Makina

                                          Foto:Gael                Rio Mendoza

Fotos By my self and Silvio Gurrieri

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Patagonia Without Dams

Here are some of the best pictures from my trip and also a movie I made.
I´ll keep kayaking, going more to south of Chile, crossing by Argentina.

Almost all the rivers I paddle are in dam projects, so this is the reason for the name of my movie.

In Pucon the flow of the rivers are going down, so I´m now on my way to Futaleufu and Baker.
That means more to the south in Patagonia, with the great car of Jean, Netta, some chiliens and some Germans.

Enjoy the movie and the pictures. More is coming soon.

Me in Rio Puesco

Me in Rio Trancura 

Me jumping the Salto Alerces Rio Manso

Me in Ducky slide in Manso

Thomas in Rio Fuy

Jean in Salto Alerces, Rio Manso

Me in Rio Fuy

Francois in Rio Fuy

The French Team

The great place to camp.With 10000000 of flies.

Thanks to Matias Della Rosa and his family for give us the best asado and a big welcome.

The photographers of the pictures are: Myself, Netta Hånsnar, Andraz Krpic and Tomas Binimelis. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Chile a dream coming true

2 monts in Chile now and I still see amazing places.
Some places look like it´s made by a kayaker.
More and more people is coming to paddle now.
Slovenian ,French, Italian, Peruvian, Quebec and Germans.
That is the international team we make for paddling and "asados", barbecue.
We been a little in the north of Pucon, for the Ñuble Fest.
A festival against the dam project in this place.
In this area is the famous rio Claro. The more impressive place I´ve been paddling.
The pictures speak by them selfs.

Picture by Andraz Krpic in the crazy Caracol "snail"

First "boof" of François  Hemidy in 22 Tacas.
Our friend Julio from Peru broke is paddle in this drop.
François borrowed him his paddle and continued all the section with a broken paddle.
Better than one breakdown is to have François in the your team.

Nice style of Jean Le Tulzo

Jean in The garganta del diablo "devils throat"
Fotos by myself

Caracol and the scary Garganta del diablo by Netta Hånsnar

One of the 1000 boofs

Last stroke before flying 22 m in middle Palguin
Fotos Netta Hånsnar.

Lower Palguin Foto By Momo Castillo


Demshitz fall. Not easy to be in the good line and
so easy to hurt your self. I dont know how many meters but high enough to have a drink
to celebrate after running the fall.

Foto: Netta Hånsnar

Foto:Netta Hånsnar

Awesome little river
Thomas Sicre in the first drop

Jean in the main rapid in the middle section.
Fotos by myself

Foto:Josh Oberleas

Foto:Josh Oberleas

That´s it, we keep kayaking, I let you know.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Movie from Mexico

Finally I made a movie from last year in Mexico.
Not in H.D but good remember anyway.
Thanks to all the friends and people helping.
Specialy to PEK Pyrenees Extreme Kayak,Aventurec and Rafa Ortiz.
Enjoy the movie.

In Mexico from Gael Caride on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Warming up in Chile

After 4 days in bus for go to Pucon from Lima ,it´s really the time to paddle.

Pucon in Chile, the famous place for kayak, rafting and party.
Of course the volcano Villarica  get a lot of turisme as well.
I meet with some local friends that I haven´t seen in a cople of years.
One warming  up is good when you arrive but without falling a sleep.
So we run the classic sections waiting for some drops to come lower in flow.

To do kayaking in Chile is really fantastic.
Big river or creek, you go to find what you like for sure.
The bad thing is that the state sell the water in the rivers to other states.
This means that a lot of rivers they are with hydroliks dams dangers.

Here some pictures, soon I show you more !

Rio Nevado                       Photo: Tomas Binimelis

Rio Nevado                       Photo: Netta Hånsnar    

Rio Palguin                       Photo: Gabriel Côté-Valiquette

Rio Puesco                       Photo: Netta Hånsnar

Rio Trancura                      Photo: Tomas Binimelis