Aire portu berri batera iritxi kayaka motxila gixan.

Horrela hasten dira nik maite ditudan bidaiak.

Arriving to a new airport with my kayak as a backpack.

This is the beginning of the travels i love.

Monday, February 6, 2012

From the Futaleufu to Mendoza

 Before to go to the Rio Baker the idea for allot of kayakers is to paddle some time in the Futaleufu to get used to the big water.
El canyon del Infierno, The Hell canyon is the perfect section followed by the Terminator.
After a week Aniol, Jean, Netta and me left Futaleufu with the dream of going to the Rio Baker.
To bad for us that we broke the car in Coyhaique, half way to the Baker.
The rio Baker is in a big project for dam, so if you want to know this river, do it fast.
This season I could not  paddle it, but I will come bak, the Baker is one of my favorite rivers.

                                          Marcos Gallegos in Trono

Jean in Dinamita

My self in Entrada

                                          Aniol in Dinamita

                                           Cobra style

                                         Aniol in La Z

My self in Trono

                                           Marcos in La Z

                                           Jean in La Z
Fotos by my self and Jean

10 days in Coyhaique with out kayaking and with using all my money, I decide to go to work.
Rio Mendoza in Argentina is the perfect place to work in kayak/rafting.
I been in Portrerillos many times and I have friends there and they are like brothers.
I could paddle The Upper Mendoza and The Rio Diamante.
The Rio Diamante with the company of my friend Mario, Portrerillos Explorer.
We take some movies in the river and I edited it with Netta, it´s a very good rafting movie with some kayak aswell.
Take a look, Rio Diamante is for sure the place were you want to be when you go to Argentina.

                                           Los compadres con la Makina

                                          Foto:Gael                Rio Mendoza

Fotos By my self and Silvio Gurrieri

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